9 Days tour to magnificent Lakes in Kyrgyzstan.

We will visit the most beautiful mountain lakes in Kyrgyzstan during a full package tour.

Full Package 9 day tour


Transport during whole tour

Our drivers are professional and experienced.


You will taste all the cuisines of nomadic people.

Guides, porters, horses and horse riding guides

Our staff will always support you during the tour.

Hotels, guest houses, yurts

We choose the most comfortable hotels and authentic yurts.

Lakes in Kyrgyzstan
Mountain Lakes in Kyrgyzstan

Description of the tour

The tour starts from Bishkek and ends at Bishkek airport. The highlight of this tour is visiting the lakes of Silk Road so the best time for this tour is July, August, and September as mountain lakes in Kyrgyzstan freeze in winter and melt only in mid-summer. The tour includes 3-day hiking, city tours, camping, and overnight in yurts. 

Day 1. Bishkek airport - Bishkek

Meeting at the airport. Lunch, dinner in the restaurant.  Bishkek city tour. Overnight in Bishkek. 

Day 2. Bishkek - Son Kol lake

Travel to Son Kol. Explore nomadic life. Overnight in yurt. 

Day 3. Son Kol - Isyk Kul

In the morning you can do horseback riding in Son Kol. After lunch, you will travel to Isyk Kul region. Overnight  in Karakol, guest house. 

Day 4. Trekking: Karakol gorge - Sirota Camp.

Travel to Karakol gorge. Start hiking. 4-5 hours.  Camp at Sirota in a tent.

Day 5. Trekking: Ala Kul Lake - Altyn Arashan

Hiking to Ala Kul lake. (3500 m). Summit Ala Kul Pass(3900 m) then hiking down to Altyn Arashan. Overnight in yurt. Enjoy hot spring pool. 

Day 6. Karakol - city tour

After breakfast, you will travel to Karakol. City tour. Dinner in ethnic restaurant. 

Day 7. Karakol - Ton yurt camp by the Isyk Kul.

Travel to Jeti Oguz, Fairy Tale Canyon. Overnight in yurt by the beach.

Day 8. Isyk kul -Bishkek

Travel to Bishkek(5-6 hours). Visit Burana tower on the way. Overnght in Bishkek. Dinner in restaurant. 

Day 9. Bishkek - Bishkek airport.

Travel to Bishkek airport. End of the tour. 

Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Map of the tour

Price for full package tour to Kyrgyzstan.


Hotels, yurt, tent

food during whole tour


English speaking guides, cooks, porters

Price for 9 days. In Euro - €

1 person — €2880

2 persons  — €2670 per person

3 persons — €2354 per person

4 persons — €1900 per person

5 persons — €1800 per person

6-18 person — €1450 per person