Off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan

It’s fair to say, there are a lot of beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. But getting to these places is difficult because the country does not have very good public transportation and the quality of roads is not better. And these reasons result in some visitors often renting four-wheel-drive cars or hiring drivers.  Here we have prepared 5 must-see places to visit in Kyrgyzstan. 

Enilchek, Sary Jaz, Adyr tor 3 days tour

Sary Jaz, Adyr Tor

We will travel through the mountains and valleys of Sary Jaz.
This region is considered the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. But because of its inaccessibility, it is still unknown to foreign travelers.

We will visit the Sary Jaz Valley. Colorful and wild valley with incredible views of the peaks of Khan Tengri.


We will visit the old town — Enilchek. This city was built in Soviet times and it had big industry. Now people have left the city. Several families still live here. We’ll get to know their lives. We will see shepherds and yaks.

Enilchek ghost town. Off road trip in Kyrgyzstan

But the snow-white peaks with a height of 5000 meters are simply visible at a distance of an easy jog. You can go there in your own car or hire a driver. But since the zone is located in the border area with China, you need to apply for a border permit. We organize 3 days tour to Sary Jaz, Adyr tor, and Enilchek Valley.

Adyr Tor Valley

Day 1.

 (duration 7-8 Hours, approx. 140km)
Meet in Karakol town with a guide. Travel to Sary Jaz Valley. We will have lunch in the Karkyra valley. We stop at beautiful places to take pictures. At the end of the day, we come to the Sary Zhaz Valley. With a view of Adyr Tor peak. Dinner with a view of the sunset. Overnight in a tent. (3000m)

Day 2.

After breakfast, we will travel to Enilchek town. On the way, we can see local’s life, and yaks. We will stay with a local family. Explore the old town. Swim in a wild hot spring.

(60km approx.)

Day 3.

Travel back to Karakol. Stop on the Chon Ashuu Pass(3860m) and in Turgen Valley.

Arrive in Karakol. End of the tour. (140km)

Enilchek village
Tour to Sary Jaz
3 days tour to Sary Jaz


1 person 665 euro
2 persons 420 euro per person
3 persons 352 euro per person
4 persons 312 euro  per person
5 persons 298 euro per person
6-10 people 290 euro per person


  • Food during the whole tour
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation(4WD)
  • 1st night stay in a tent
  • Camping gear; 2-person tents, sleeping bags, mats, kitchen gear
  • 2nd night in a local family
  • Border permits

Not included

  • Hotel in Karakol before the tour and after

Son Kol lake

Son Kol is a lake located in the central part of Kyrgyzstan at an altitude of 3,000 meters. These places are not only the best places for off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan and for horseback and bike tours. There are a lot of yurt camps around Son Kol, and it is a great opportunity to feel the spirit of nomadic life.

Tosor Pass - undiscovered Kyrgyzstan

Off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan

One of the best destinations for off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan. Enilchek is located 150 kilometers from Karakol. This is a city of Soviet miners, after the collapse of the USSR, people left the city. Even a small airport was built here. On the way, you will visit Chon Ashuu Pass (3800 m). Behind the pass, you will find unbelievably beautiful Sary Zhaz Valley.  The nature is distinctly different from the usual Issyk-Kul species. As the climate is very harsh, there are almost no green forests. 

Off-road tours around Isyk Kul

Off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan

Issyk Kul is the largest lake in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. It is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Around the lake, you can visit mountain beaches, canyons, beautiful gorges. Fairy tale Canyon, Mars Canyon, Aksai Canyon,  Salty Lake, Jeti Oguz gorge, Karakol ski base, etc. And you can visit all of them during off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan. 

Off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan

Kel Suu Lake.

Kel Suu Lake. Off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan

Kel Suu lake is incredibly beautiful, in the middle of the cliffs and white mountains. It is located in the Naryn region, near the border with China. And you can drive all the way to the shore of the lake. Interestingly, the lake sometimes dries up because of the small amount of water flowing in. Also, these regions are little explored because it is difficult to get there. There are a lot of shepherds, and horses. You can stay in yurt camps, or bring a tent. Make sure apply a permit before going there. Definitely Kel Suu is one of the best off-road tours in Kyrgyzstan.  

All these destinations are marked in Google Maps, so you can get there yourself. If you need help with finding transport to get, or if you need any information you can contact us.