What is the Best Transport to Travel in Kyrgyzstan?

The best transport to travel in Kyrgyzstan are:

-public transport

-private transport (hiring a transport with a driver)

You can also hitchhike and bike but it is not as easy and as romantic as it would seem.

Best transport to travel in Kyrgyzstan

Public transport in Kyrgyzstan.

Public transportation in Kyrgyzstan has its own peculiarities. Mainly mini-buses are used in Kyrgyzstan; here locally we call them marshrutka. Important to remember this local name as it is the magic word for everyone who wants to use public transport. If you say marshrutka everybody will know what you need and help you to get the right marshrutka.  They are inexpensive and quite fast. Mini-buses depart in the direction of all regions of Kyrgyzstan from Bishkek to the southernmost remote part of Kyrgyzstan. Usually, the timing for mini-buses is from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. There are also shared taxis at the same bus stations. They are slightly more expensive than minibusses.

The disadvantage of mini-buses as public transport is that they are usually crowded and you cannot stop anywhere you want. It is not very convenient for the traveler who likes to stop at the places between the destinations and take pictures. Important to note that the road between destinations is absolutely fascinating you can still try to get a sit by the window and enjoy the view even if you’re in the public transport of a mini-bus.

PRIVATE TRANSPORT IN KYRGYZSTAN (Hiring a driver with transportation)

Surely, your travel experience can get much easier if you hire transportation with a driver. This is convenient and very suitable for travelers. We do offer convenient transportation for travelers. The benefits of private transport are well known for everyone so we would not repeat. There is a significant difference and there are more advantages of private transportation compared to public transport particularly in Kyrgyzstan.

4*4 cars are the best transport to travel in Kyrgyztsan

We use mostly 4*4 cars for traveling from town to town. 

4 persons

Mini buses are the best transport to travel in Kyrgyztsan for big groups.

Mini buses for group tours. 

5-15 persons

Transport for start and finish treks in Kyrgyzstan.

There are almost no roads in the mountainous area. If there are so at all, we mostly use Soviet vans or trucks where there are still roads but very old ones.