3 days horseback riding to Ala Kul lake

It is one of the best horseback riding tours around Karakol. Because, for many visitors seems, that Ala Kul is an almost unattainable place. However, this is absolutely not true. In three days you can conquer the Ala Kul pass and see an incredible view of the mountain lake. But you need to walk for the last hour. Because it will be too difficult for the horses. In addition, you do not need to sleep in a tent and prepare your own food.

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Level of riding: Beginner

Period: June — End of September

Little river in Altyn Arashan
During horse riding trip to Altyn Arashan

Day 1. Karakol — Altyn Arashan

Travel to Jolkolot from Karakol. After some instructions, you will have 4-5 hours of horseback riding to Altyn Arashan. Overnight in yurt. (2500 m) Enjoy hot spring.


Day 2.  Altyn Arashan — Ala Kul lake — back to Altyn Arashan

Leaving the campsite you will travel to Ala Kul lake. Coming to Alakul pass(3900 m) you need to leave your horses and walk up to Alakul pass and see Ala kul lake(3500 m). Have here lunched. Then come down back to your horses and travel back to Altyn Arashan. Enjoy hot spring pool. Overnight in a yurt(2500 m)


Day 3. Altyn Arshan — Karakol town

After breakfast, you can hike around Altyn Arashan. 1-2 hours. Then you will ride back to Aksu where you will finish the trip. Our car will drop you to Karakol town. 

Map of the horseback riding to Ala Kul lake. 3 days.

Horseback riding to Ala Kul Lake

What you need to prepare:

  • good, waterproof hiking boots,
  • warm clothes, in warm summer days the temperature is up to +15 C during the day and +5 at night,
  • raincoats, even in summer there can be snow, and sometimes it rains for days. 
  • Hiking poles

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Ala Kul lake in May

The view of Ala Kul in May. It is usually totally frozen.

Price for the tour: Horseback riding to Ala Kul lake 3 days, 2 nights.


2 night in yurt

food during whole tour


horses and horseman

Price for 3 days. In Euro - €

1 person — €340

2 persons  — €270 per person

3 persons — €265 per person

4 persons — €250 per person

5 persons — €235 per person

6-14 person — €220 per person