Eagle show in Kyrgyzstan – a symbol of nomad culture.

Eagle show in Kyrgyzstan

Upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan, you should definitely visit the eagle show near the village of Bokonbaevo, and hold the golden eagle in your hands. In this photo is Ruslan, his interest in eagles started when he was a child. He was able to turn his passion for eagles into work that brings him true joy. He has been training eagles and caring for them for 18 years. It’s been not so long since he started to do the eagle show for travelers and be able to share the life of eagles with others.

Eagle show in Kyrgyzstan

Ruslan takes care of eagle for about 15 — 20 years. After he sets them free. He usually brings up female eagles only as they are larger and better in hunting. Ruslan hunts for foxes and jackals together with his eagles in autumn between September and November.

Golden eagles are widespread birds of prey. They live mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. They are distinguished by their sharp eyesight and predatory claws. Their behavior is quite similar to dogs as they bond very well to their owner. When the bond is firm, they listen to and obey the owner only.


Since ancient times, eagles have been considered mystical and sacred birds. The nomadic tribes of Central Asia, including in Kyrgyzstan, especially honored eagles.

How to book Eagle show?

You can contact Ruslan by Whatsapp number +996702111223

We arrange eagle show during our 9 days package tour.