Impressive photo tour to Kyrgyzstan — visiting all highlights.

A complete immersion into the world of the nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan.

During this 12-days photo tour to Kyrgyzstan, we will see the unique life of the nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan. We will spend the night in yurts and tents on the mountains, where civilization has not yet reached. Tour includes 4 days of hiking, our guides will support you during the trek, so it will be very easy.  We will visit very beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan: Son Kol Lake, Kel Suu Lake, Ala Kul Lake, Isyk Kul lake. 

Description of the photo tour to Kyrgyzstan

Photo Tour to Kyrgyzstan

Our photo tour starts from Bishkek airport and ends there. The best time for this tour is July, August, and September as mountain lakes in Kyrgyzstan freeze in winter and melt only mid-summer. Includes hiking, city tours, camping, and overnight in yurt.

Photo tour to Kyrgyzstan, yurts

Day 1. Bishkek airport - Bishkek

Meeting at the airport. Travel to Son Kol lake(4-5 hours). Explore nomadic life. Overnight in yurt. There are yurt villages with local shepherds on the banks of the Son Kul. This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture and overnight stays in yurts. Here you can take pictures of local life, shepherds, horses and of course against the background of the mountains. 

Phot tour to Kyrgyzstan

Day 2. Son kol Lake - Kel Suu Lake - Ak Sai Valley.

After early breakfast near Son Kol, and morning photographing we will travel to Kel Suu Lake region. (4-5 hours). Stop in Naryn town for a lunch. Depending on weather conditions and border zone crossings we will arrive in Ak sai region in the evening.

Day 3. Hiking to Kel Suu lake

This day we will hike to Kel Suu lake. We’ll shoot the Kel Suu until the evening and return to the yurts for dinner. Overnight in yurt. 

Yurts in Tash rabat

Day 4. Kel Suu - Ton, Isyk Kul Lake, Fairy Tale Canyon, Ak Sai Canyon.

After early breakfast, we will travel to Isyk Kul lake.(7-8 hours) Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight in Ton, in yurts by Isyk Kul. Depending on the weather we can stop in Fairy Tale and Ak Sai canyons. If the weather will not be good, we will skip canyons to visit them on the way back. 

Skazka Canyon

Day 5. Ton - Jeti Oguz - Elcin peak view - overnight in yurt in Flower Valley.

Early in the morning, we can organize transport again to canyons. After breakfast, we will travel to Jeti Oguz Valley with Red Rocks. Check-in in the yurts. And after lunch, we will organize 4*4 transport to Elcin Peak Viewpoint. We will take pictures of the place then late at night, we will drive back to the yurt camp. Late dinner.

View to Elcin Peak, early in the morning. Travel to Kyrgyzstan.

Day 6. Travel to Karakol - Lunch in a restaurant - Isyk Kul Panorama

On this day we will finally arrive in Karakol. We check in at the hotel and have lunch in an ethno restaurant. After a good lunch we drive 4*4 cars to Karakol Panorama. Here we take pictures of the view of the Issyk Kul. And late in the evening we return to Karakol. Overnight at the hotel.

photo tours

Day 7. Karakol town - Karakol Peak

After breakfast, we drive up the gorge to Karakol. Where we are met by our horse guide. After the initial introduction we ride on horseback to the foot of Karakol Peak. Here we spend the night in tents and take pictures at sunset time.

Photo Tour to Kyrgyzstan

Day 8. Karakol gorge - Ala Kul Lake.

+1000 m,  5-6 hours, 7 km

Summit Ala Kul Lake (3500 m). Overnight in a tent by Ala Kul Lake. 

Tour to Kyrgyzstan

Day 9. Ala Kul Pass - Altyn Arashan

+400 m, -1000 m,  5-6 hours, 12 km

Summit Ala Kul Pass (3900 m). Hike down to Altyn Arashan. Overnight in a yurt, enjoy a hot spring pool.

Phot tour - Altyn Arashan

Day 10. Altyn Arashan - Isyk Kul beach - South Shore Canyons

Travel by Soviet truck to Karakol.  Lunch in a restaurant. City tour. Travel to Ton village. Eagle show. Overnight by Isyk Kul, in yurt. Sunset photoshoot in Sout shore Canyons.

Eagle show

Day 11. Isyk Kul - Bishkek

Travel to Bishkek (5 hours). Visit Fairy tale Canyon on the way, Burana tower. Bishkek city tour. Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight in hotel. Enf od the tour. If flight is close we will drop you to the airport.

Alternative:Day 12. Bishkek - Bishkek airport

Or next day travel to Bishkek airport. (1 hour) End of the tour to Kyrgyzstan. 

Map of the tour to Kyrgyzstan

Full Package photo tour 11 days includes

Transport during whole tour

Our drivers are professional and experienced.


You will taste all the tastes of nomadic people.

Guides, porters, horses and horse riding guides

Our staff will always support you during the tour.

Hotels, guest houses, yurts

We choose the most comfortable hotels and authentic yurts.

Tour to Kyrgyzstan

Price for full package tour to Kyrgyzstan.


Hotels, yurt, tent

food during whole tour


English speaking guides, cooks, porters

Price for 12 days. In Euro - €

1 person — €3251

2 persons  — €2251 per person

3 persons — €1813 per person

4 persons — €1547 per person

5 persons — €1505 per person

6-18 person — €1370 per person


Transport in Kyrgyzstan


We use mostly minibuses during traveling from the town to town. On the mountains, we use 4*4 Soviet trucks, jeeps If roads are bad.

Yurts in Jeti oguz.


We stay mostly in hotels where it is possible, in guest houses and in yurts. We book twin rooms, if people want single rooms they can pay extra. During trekking we provide tents, sleeping bags, mats etc.


We eat mostly in restaurants and cafés. During trekking you will have a cook. He will prepare all food. We cook separately for vegetarian and allergic people.

Tour to beuatiful lakes on Silk Road

Guides and porters

English-speaking guides, horses, horseman. We mostly use horses for carrying gear during treks, where it is not possible we strong people (porters) will carry all gear. Tourists mostly carry own clothes 5-7 kilo. They bring own 15-20 liters backpack.

Not included

Visa and flight tickets.

Alcoholic drinks

Snacks, and drinks