About Hiking Kyrgyzstan

Hiking Kyrgyzstan Company

Hiking Kyrgyzstan is a travel agency established by a team of professional and experienced mountain guides and drivers for travelers in Kyrgyzstan. 

We always strive to ensure that our guests get a unique experience during our tours. And most of our guests come to us again and again.

Customer's review

Hiking Kyrgyzstan was our local partner on a 2 weeks trekking and cultural tour in Kyrgyzstan this year and hopefully will work with in the future. They are very knowledgeable and helpfull. They created a tailor-made itinerary for our group, changed it few times to adjust it for our needs and answered all the questions. The itinerary was brillant. Also the managing of the tour during our stay was super. The informations were top class and the care for the group outstanding. The tour was going really smooth, they acted really fast when we needed help, showed us the most interesting places in Karakol, was very informative and friendly. I would definitely recommend them as an organiser and I consider them one of the best and most professional partners our company works with anywhere in the world.
Hubert Alexander
Tour guide from Europe, High Away

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Our Office location of

116 Abdrahmanov str. Karakol town, Isyk Kul region, Kyrgyzstan

e-mail: hikingkyrgyzstan@gmail.com

Phone number: +996708932110

Team of Hiking Kyrgyzstan

Emilbek u Aidar, mountain guide

My name is Aidar, and I am an experienced local guide in Kyrgyzstan. I was born here and spent most of my lifetime in Kyrgyzstan. 

After graduating from a local university, I started working as a mountain guide. Working as a guide, I witnessed how tourists coming from different parts of the world admire our nature and culture. And I realized that giving positive emotions for travellers through my work is what makes me happy and makes others happy too.

Breath-taking beautiful mountains is what attracted me to work in the tourism. I cannot express my feelings every time when I wake up in a tent seeing the first light of the sun, hearing the sound of the water stream under the snow peaks where blue lakes and green meadows lie.

Sabina, local guide

Hello, my name is Sabina and I am a local guide in Kyrgyzstan.  

I have always been interested in the cultures of other countries and their mode of life – guiding provides me with such an opportunity as I get to meet people from different parts of the world and learn about others not going anywhere. In turn, I can share our life, culture, people, cuisine, hardships and successes of lives of ordinary people. Guiding for me is the way to be more culturally aware and transmit tolerance and respect about ones individuality, uniqueness and beauty.   The best part of my amateur work as a guide is hiking in the mountains, as I feel lucky that I have a chance to enjoy doing things for myself, share these things, and do these favourite things together with others.

Aitilek, local guide

Hi. My name is Aitilek, I’m an experienced cultural tour guide.

I very much enjoy working as a tour guide. Working as a tour guide is a responsible job, as you need to take care of tourists’ safety and at the same time make sure that they enjoy the sightseeing. Nevertheless, the hard work of guiding always gets reward from mutual interaction, sharing each other’s histories and life stories. It is always a pleasure for me to introduce to the fascinating Kyrgyzstan to everyone who is looking forward to explore it.