Yurt camping in Kyrgyzstan, Jeti Oguz

Snowshoes and cross country skiing in Kyrgyzstan, Isyk Kul.

4 season yurt camp in Jeti Oguz

Our yurt camp is located on the mountains 40 kilometers from Karakol town, in the Jeti Oguz gorge, Flower Valley. The camp is open in winter and summer. In winter, the yurts are warm. An overnight stay in a yurt is a unique experience for all visitors of Kyrgyzstan.

Yurt Camp in Jeti Oguz
Review from our guest
This yurt is cozy. It’s about 40 min far from Karakol city center, and we used pick up service. This place is in the middle of the mountain so when it becomes night, you could see many stars. People in there took care of us a lot.
Yoon Ji

How to get to Jeti Oguz and our Yurt Camp?

In summer it is very easy to get our yurt:

  • Take a taxi, it cost 12-15 euro
  • Take minibus from here, to «Jeti Oguz» Village. From there, you can hitchhike to Jeti Oguz resort. After very nice walking you will find our yurt. We are here.

In winter not so easy to find a car. So it is just better to contact us. We will pick up you from Karakol or from Bishkek or you can get by your own 4*4 car. 

Yurt camping in Kyrgyzstan, Jeti oguz

What you can do in Jeti oguz:

In summer you can go hiking from our camp to Elcin Peak Dayhike, Svetlya Polyana — Jeti Oguz Dayhike, Or Ak Su highlights 5 days hiking tour.

Also, you can see on the way Jeti Oguz (Seven Bulls) Red Rocks. 

In winter you can go on snowshoes hiking up to Jeti Oguz gorge, or the Panoramic viewpoint of Flower Valley.

Or CrossCountry skiing up through the gorge. 


Yurt stay 10 euro per person including breakfast.

Dinner 5 euro

Lunch 5 euro.

Snowshoes rent 4 euro per day.

Cross-country rent 4 euro per day. 


Winter yurt in Kyrgyzstan

10 reasons why you should  try winter Yurt camping in the Jeti Oguz gorge:

1) Yurt camping in Kyrgyzstan is a unique cultural experience. You will feel the real spirit of nomadic life.
2) It is incredibly beautiful here. You will get intense emotions and thousands of photos.
3) Take time for yourself and your family. During these difficult times, we all have to work, go to work, or leave work. You can bring your family here and finally relax.
4) Yurts are warm and cozy. We heat yurts, and you do not need to be afraid that it will be cold.
5) We cook delicious food.
6) Here you can hike on snowshoes. It is very easy. You can just put it on and go.
7) Cross-country skiing. Any beginner can do this, regardless of your age and physical condition.
8) We are easy to reach. You can come to us in any four-wheel-drive car. We are located 40 kilometers from the city of Karakol. It’s only an hour’s drive. If you don’t have a car, write to us. We will pick you up from Karakol for a minimum payment.
9) It is safe. Don’t be afraid of wolves. Unfortunately, there are almost no wild animals left in the Tien Shan.
10) Organize fun with your company. With friends, family, or colleagues.unigue