Ak Su highlights, Jeti Oguz -Teleti Pass - Alakul Lake, Altyn Arashan

Impressive 5 days trekking tour close to Karakol
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Ak Su highlights — is the most eventful hike in Kyrgyzstan. All the places that you visit during this hike are very beautiful and popular. The full tour route can be completed in 4-5 days. More experienced hikers can walk in 4 days. The trek is physically challenging. In 5 days you will conquer two passes: Teleti and Alakul.

Duration: 4-5 days.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 52 km

Elevation: the highest point: 3900 m., the lowest point: 1700 m.,

Period: end of May — end of September

Day 1. Jeti Oguz resort - Flower Valley - under Teleti Pass. 

Elevation: +700 m

Distance: 12 -16 km.

Here you will find the minibus in Jeti Oguz resort. Further, you can walk. But I would advise taking a taxi to the bridge in Flower Valley. It costs about 15 euros. On the way, you will see Jeti Oguz Red Rocks. Hiking around 5-6 hours. Overnight in tent (2900m). 

Jeti Oguz, Kyrgyzstan. View to Tian Sian Mountains.

Day 2. Teleti Pass - Karakol gorge.

Elevation: +900 m -1200

Distance:  15 km.

After breakfast, you will summit Teleti Pass. You will have an amazing view of the Valley. After you will descend to Karakol gorge. Overnight in a tent. 

Horses on the trail of Ak Su Highlights

Day 3. Karakol gorge - Sirota Camp - Ala Kul lake.

Elevation: +1000 m

Distance:  6 km

This day you will summit Alakul lake. And you will pass by Sirota Camp. You can camp there too. But the next day will be too hard.  Overnight by Alakul lake.

Day 4. Ala Kul Pass - Altyn Arashan

Elevation: +400 m — 1400 m

Summit Alakul Pass(3900 m), you will see here one of the most gorgeous views in Kyrgyzstan. 

Ak Su highlights
Going up to Ala Kul Lake, Archa Tor Pass

Going down from the pass is a bit scary. There will be 2 paths. Choose a further one. It is easier. Coming to Altyn Arashan you will see yurt and huts. They provide a place to sleep and food. Also, there is a wild hot spring by the river. A bit lower from the yurts. Ask from the natives or check on maps.me app. It is marked there.


Day 5. Altyn Arashan - Karakol

Elevation: -1000

Distance: 16 km

This day you can hire a Soviet car back to Karakol. It is usually very expensive. That’s why you can walk down for 3 hours, and you will find a minibus №350. (We marked it on the map). So you can get to Karakol.

It is safer to go on this trek with friends or with anyone you meet by the road. Also, you can hire a guide too. Also, we provide the full package of this tour below.

If you are interested in a guided tour, we offer a full package tour to Ak Su highlights.

Map of the Ak Su highlights trail.

  • Good, waterproof hiking boots,
  • warm clothes, in warm summer days the temperature is up to +15 C during the day and +5 at night,
  • raincoats, even in summer there can be snow, and sometimes it rains for days,
  • hiking poles.
  • tent,
  • sleeping bags, minimum 0 ‘ C,
  • sleeping mat. 
  • Camping gas and stove.

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Full package, Ak Su highlights guided tour. 5 days, 4 nights.


tent, sleeping bags, mats, kitchen gear

Food during whole trek


English speaking guide, porter and cook, last overnight in a yurt

Price for 5 days. In Euro - €

1 person  — 1254 € per peson

2 persons  — 950 € per peson

3 persons — 880 € per person

4 persons — 670 € per person

5-6 persons — 650 € per person

7 persons — 620 € per person

8 persons- 17 persons — 600 € per person