Impressive hiking Chon Kyzyl Suu - Archa tor pass - Jeti Oguz

Trail of snowy peaks

View on the trail Archa Tor Pass

Archa Tor (3800 m) is one of the most beautiful passes close to Karakol and the most impressive hiking tour in Kyrgyzstan. Comparatively, on the other treks, there are almost no tourists during the hike. 

Tour length: 3 days 2 nights
Distance:  ~35 км
Level of difficulty: Medium
Elevation: Highest point 3800 m, the lowest point 1700 m
Period: June – September


Day 1. Chon Kyzyl Suu — Archa Tor

Elevation: +900 m

Distance: ~12 km

First, you should somehow get to Chon Kyzyl Suu.  The easiest way is to take a taxi. Costs around 30 euro from Karakol town. Or you can take a minibus from South Bus Station in Karakol to Kyzyl Suu village. As you get to Kyzyl Suu you can arrange a taxi for 10-15 euro, drop up until Jyluu Suu.  It is the starting point of the hike. 

If you are going independent hiking to Archa Tor, we recommend downloading App and copy this marks.

Day 2. Archa Tor Pass — Jeti Oguz

Elevation: +500m -1100m

Distance: 13 km

Summit Archa Tor Pass.  Overnight in a tent.  Here you will have a gorgeous view of Elcin Peak(5020m)


Day 3. Jeti-Oguz — Karakol

Elevation: -400 m

Distance: 8-12 km

On this day you can hike down by Jeti Oguz gorge. As you get to Flower Valley, you can hitchhike back to the main road where it is easy to find a car to Jeti Oguz. 

Map of the Archa Tor Pass hike

  • Good, waterproof hiking boots,
  • warm clothes, in warm summer days the temperature is up to +15 C during the day and +5 at night,
  • raincoats, even in summer there can be snow, and sometimes it rains for days,
  • hiking poles
  • Tent,
  • sleeping bags, minimum 0’C,
  • sleeping mat. 
  • Camping gas and stove.

You can rent equipment in Karakol from Ecotrek

Hiking tour in Kyrgyzstan

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We provide full package tour to Archa Tor Pass.

Chon Kyzyl Suu - Archa tor pass - Jeti Oguz guided tour. 3 days, 2 nights.


tent, sleeping bags, mats, kitchen gear

Food during whole trek


English speaking guide, porter and cook, last overnight in a yurt

Price for 3 days. In Euro - €

2 persons  — €540 per person

3 persons — €480 per person

4 persons — €470 per person

5 persons — €420 per person

6-14 person — €420 per person