The best multi-day hike in Kyrgyzstan - Ak-su Traverse.

Jyrgalan — Bozuchuk — Altyn Arashan — Alakul Lake — Jeti Oguz.

Bozuchuk lake

Ak-Su traverse is one of the most beautiful hikes near Karakol and probably one of the best multi-day hike in Kyrgzystan. Starting from Jyrgalan Valley you will visit incredibly beautiful lakes, meadows, and snowy passes. 

Duration: 9 days.

Difficulty: Moderate. +700 +1000 m elevation gain every day

Distance: 92 km
Elevation: Highest point 3900 m, the lowest point 1700 m
Period: June – September

Jyrgalan Valley

Day 1. Jyrgalan - Terim Tor Pass

Distance: 15 km

Elevation: +970 m, -130 m

First, you have to get to Jyrgalan.  There is the minibus to Jyrgalan. It goes from here :

  • In summer:8:30, 13:30 и 17:30.
  • In winter:8:30, 13:30, и 16:30.

Or you can take a taxi. It cost around 15 euro.

Our tour package includes drop from Karakol to Jyrgalan Valley.

Also, I would recommend downloading App. As all, the trail is already marked. And read here food and water during the trek in Kyrgyzstan. 

Travel from Karakol to Jyrgalan Valley(1-hour driving,60km). You will hike(Elevation 2250 m) to the south 15 km (4-5 hours). Overnight in a tent before Terim Tor Pass (3000m)

Ak Su Traverse

Day 2. Terim Tor Pass -  Bozuchuk pass

Distance: 10 km

Elevation: +910 m, — 820 m

Leaving the camp you will summit Terim Tor pass(3467m). After having lunch by the river in Turgen Valley, after slowly up to Bosuchuk Pass. Overnight before Bozuchuk Pass. (3000m)

Day 3. Bozuchuk Pass - Bozuchuk lakes - Jergez valley

Distance: 11-12 km

Elevation: +778 m, — 790 m

After early breakfast, we hike to Bozuchuk lake, and descend to Jergez valley. Overnight in tent. (3200 m)

Day 4. Jergez Valley - Ailanysh lakes - Almaluu valley

Distance: 11 km

Elevation: +490 m, — 910 m

Leaving the campsite, you will hike over Ailanysh lakes, Ailanysh pass (3671m) ~5-6 hours (14km) down to Almaluu valley. Overnight in the tent (Elevation: 2500m).

Day 5. Almaluu - Altyn Arashan

Distance: 12 km

Elevation: +850 m, — 1100 m

Leaving the campsite you will hike to Altyn-Arashan hot springs for ~4-5 hours (10km). Overnight in a yurt with provided food (Elevation: 2500m). Enjoy the hot spring pool.

Ak Su Traverse is the best multi-day hike in Kyrgyzstan

Day 6. Altyn Arashan - Ala kul Pass

Distance: 12 km

Elevation: +1150 m, — 100 m

Leaving the campsite you will hike to the baseline of Ala-Kul pass (3860m) ~5-6 hours (14km). Overnight in the tent (Elevation: 3300m).

hiking to Altyn Arashan

Day 7. Ala Kul lake - Sirota Camp

Distance: 8 km

Elevation: +400 m, — 1000 m

Leaving the campsite, you will summit Ala-Kul pass (3860m) and descend to Sirota campsite ~6-7 hours (15 km). Overnight in the tent (Elevation: 2700 m).

Travel to Kyrgyzstan. View on the mountain

Day 8. Karakol gorge - Teleti Pass

Distance: 11 km

Elevation: +1100 m, — 550 m

On this day you will hike down to Karakol Valley. And summit beautiful Teeti Pass. Overnight before Teleti Pass. Overnight in a tent. 

Day 9. Teleti pass - Flower valley - jeti oguz

Distance: 12 km Elevation: +570 m, — 1400 m Leaving the campsite you will hike to Flower valley and Jeti Oguz rocks. (3-4 hours). Travel to Karakol town. (1-hour driving) Also, we recommend reading Food and Water during treks in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Good, waterproof hiking boots,
  • warm clothes, in warm summer days the temperature is up to +15 C during the day and +5 at night,
  • raincoats, even in summer there can be snow, and sometimes it rains for days,
  • hiking poles.
  • Tent,
  • sleeping bags, minimum 0 ‘C,
  • sleeping mat,
  • camping gas and stove.

You can rent equipment in Karakol with us. 

Also, you can read here Food and Water during hiking in Kyrgyzstan

A map of the Ak-Su traverse.

If you are interested in a guided tour, we offer a full package tour Ak Su traverse.

Full package, The best multi-day hike in Kyrgzystan. 9 days, 8 nights.


tent, sleeping bags, mats, kitchen gear

Food during whole trek


English speaking guide, porter and cook

Price for 9 days. In Euro - €

1 person — 2100 €

2 persons  — 1700 € per peson

3 persons — 1500 € per person

4 persons — 1400 € per person

5 persons — 1300 € per person

6-14 person — 1080 € per person