Sary Jaz - Tyuz pass - Enilchek valley - hiking on the glaciers

Trail of glaciers and snowy peaks.

Tour length: 5 days 4 nights

Level of difficulty: Medium/Hard

Elevation: Highest point 4001m, the lowest point 2700 m 

Period: June – September

 Sary Jaz Valley differs with an incredible landscape. Glaciers, snow-white peaks, valleys without a horizon, turbulent rivers. Here, on the Tuz pass, you can even see Khan Tengri peak (6995). Relatively, these valleys are unknown. Due to the fact that the area is located from settlements. You also need border permits to visit these places.

Day 1. Karakol town — Echkilitash valley (Sary Jaz)

Travel to Echkilitash. It is the starting point of the trek. You need hire good 4*4. As the road is old and long. 

Also, read here where to get a permit for border zones in Kyrgyzstan. 

From Karakol, it takes 5-6 hours. 

You will hike along Tyuz valley for ~2-3 hours (8 km). Overnight in the tents (Elevation: 3180 m).

Day 2. Echkilitash — Tyuz Pass baseline

Leaving the campsite you will hike to the baseline of Tyuz pass ~5-6 hours (12 km). On your way you will cross Tyuz river with no bridge. Overnight in the tents (Elevation: 3285 m).

Day 3. Tyuz Pass  — Chon tash

Leaving the campsite you will summit Tyuz pass (4001 m) and descent Enilchek valley ~7-8 hours (14 km) Hike to the campsite Chon-Tash. Please be prepared as this is an especially difficult mountain pass. Overnight in the tents (Elevation: 2900 m).

Day 4. Enilchek Valley — Nansen Peak baseline

Leaving the campsite you will hike ~5-6 hours (7 km) along the Enilchek river to the campsite Prizim valley and on the way you will cross Enilchek river. You will camp on the base of the peak Nansen (5697 m). Overnight in the tents (Elevation: 2850 m).

Day 5. At Jailoo — Enilchek Town — Karakol

Leaving the base camp you will hike along the Enilchek valley to At-Djailoo valley ~3-4 hours (6 km). On your way you will cross the river and there is no bridge. You will travel by a military truck to Karakol ~5-6 hours (180 km).

3 days tour to Sary Jaz

Map of the Sary jaz - Enilchek hiking trail.

  • good, waterproof hiking boots,
  • warm clothes, in warm summer days the temperature is up to +15 C during the day and +5 at night,
  • raincoats, even in summer there can be snow, and sometimes it rains for days. 
  • Hiking palls
  • tent,
  • sleeping bags, minimum 0 ‘ C,
  • sleeping mat. 
  • Camping gas and stove.

You can rent equipment in Karakol from Ecotrek

Also, you can read here Food and Water during treks in Kyrgyzstan

If you are interested in a guided tour, we offer a full package tour to Enilchek — Sary Jaz.

Full package, Sary Jaz - Tyuz Pass - Enilchek Valley. 5 days, 4 nights.


tent, sleeping bags, mats, kitchen gear

Food during whole trek


English speaking guide, porter and cook, permits

Price for 5 days. In Euro - €

2 persons  — 1241 € per peson

3 persons — 930 € per person

4 persons — 821 € per person

5 persons — 810 € per person

6-14 person — 750 € per person