One day easy hiking to Kashka Su Peak(3330m)

Peaks near Karakol

Activity: hiking

Level of difficulty: Medium

Elevation gain: 1000 m

Elevation loss: 1000 m

Hiking distance: 16 km

The Highest point: 3330 

The Best Time to Go: May — October

Duration: 7-8 hours hiking

Map of the hiking to Kashka Su Peak

The snow-white peaks are located not far from Karakol town. And one can go to one beautiful peak near the Karakol town. Also, this route is far from the touristic hiking trails. So that’s another reason to go to this hike.

How to start hiking?

Hire a vehicle to Karakol gorge, close to Karakol ski Base. Usually you can negotiate for 600 KG som or even less.

Immediately at the start of the hike, you will see such a beautiful view.

Karakol river

The trail runs through mountain forests. There you can see wild rabbits.

Hiking near Karakol

From here you have a beautiful view of Lake Issyk Kul. And the smooth ascent to the summit begins. The hike is mostly smooth. No dangerous places.


Only at the end it will be a little harder. And you will climb a small Kashka Su peak (3330m). But at the top there will be a beautiful view of Przewalski Peak.(4272 m)

Prjevalski Peak View
Hiking to Kashka Su Peak

When descending you can see the sunset over the Issyk Kul. And everything around becomes doubly beautiful.

Hiking in a snowy Peaks

And you can see all the beauty of the mountain nature of the Kyrgyztan.

Hiking in Kyrgzystan

What to bring:

  • trekking boots
  • raincoat
  • windbreakers
  • hiking poles
  • 1 liter water

Contact us if you want to hire a guide or arrange transport.