Packing list for travelers to Kyrgyzstan.

What to bring with you if you are travelling to Kyrgyzstan?

Packing list for tarvelers to Kyrgyzstan.

If you have decided to visit Kyrgyzstan and explore it, you should get well-prepared. We have prepared for you the packing list of things that are necessary to take with you if you come to Kyrgyzstan to make the most of your travel.

Trekking shoes

Hiking shoes is a first in our pacing list to Kyrgyzstan.

If you have chosen Kyrgyzstan as your next travel destination, it means you are more likely to hike in the mountains whether short or long distances. Comfortable trekking shoes must be number one in your packing list.

You will have difficulties to buy or rent good quality trekking shoes in Kyrgyzstan (even in the capital of Bishkek) so it is highly important that you take care of buying good quality shoes in advance. In small towns such as Karakol, Naryn or Osh you will have zero chances to buy any trekking shoes or rent them despite that these towns offer most of the trekking destinations. Along with trekking shoes, you must bring sandals if you are coming in summer time, as sandals are very good for your feet after long day hikes.


If you book tours with transport included or hire a driver with a transport you will be fine with regular luggage cases. However, if you are in Kyrgyzstan for hiking you should bring with you a backpack.  The best size of a backpack to hike in Kyrgyzstan is 50-60 liters. You can rent a backpack in Karakol at Ecotrek, in Bishkek Trekking Union Company. 


The climate in Kyrgyzstan is different depending on the area. Overall winters are cold and summers get very hot. However, if you plan to hike in the mountains the climate is pretty much the same in every region in the mountains. In summer in the mountains, it can be rainy, and cold in evenings. It is important to bring both warm and light clothing if you are travelling to Kyrgyzstan in summer (waterproof warm coat, pants, hats as well as light pants, shirts and hats from sun and raincoats). 


If you are travelling to Kyrgyzstan in winter, you should bring only warm and very warm clothing (warm coats, gloves, pants, sweaters, socks, thermal clothing, and warm hats). Both in winter and summer you must bring with you good sunglasses and sun creams as Kyrgyzstan’s most hiking areas are located on 2,500 – 3000 m where the sun is very strong.  Most of clothing you can buy in the capital Bishkek, but we cannot guarantee the quality of goods.  

Is it necessary to bring equipment for hiking?

Not necessarily. In town as Karakol, Bishkek, Osh you can rent tents, sleeping bags, mats, or kitchen gears. If you are in a car tour and in between there is a hiking tour, you can also rent trekking equipment from the local tour companies for this certain period of days. If you are in a car tour to explore sightseeing, you will stay at guesthouses or yurts so you do not need any extra equipment.

If you travelling around Kyrgyzstan on a bike we recommend to bring your personal trekking equipment as you do not need to worry of renting things and returning it back.   

Packing list to Kyrgyzstan

Air mats

Mats, packing list for travelers to Kyrgyzstan.

Simple mat

We would recommend always bringing with you an air mat as there are no air mats in Kyrgyzstan, or it is difficult to find one. Air mats are very good for trekking as they are very light, warmer and compact.

During our tours, we provide all of the camping gear. So you can find here the best 10 hikes in Kyrgyzstan. 


You can bring with you a sleeping bag with a temperature endurance of 0’C, if not, you can still rent one in Kyrgyzstan. Tents are easy to find and you can rent it at any local tour company in Kyrgyzstan.


Important to mention that there are many tourists who bring with them burners but they cannot find proper gas cylinders for them. As it is well known, it is not allowed to bring these camping burners at the airports. The easiest way is to rent burners at the local tour companies along with camping dishes or buy one at sport stores.


It is important to bring your personal medications with you and these bottles for water filtering.