Day hike in Isyk kul Svetlaya Polyana – Jeti oguz. Dayhike.

Easy day hike close to Karakol.

Trekking from Svetlaya Polyana to the Valley of Flowers is an excellent option for a one-day hike. At the same time, you do not need to rent a tent and drag it. You need to take a liter of water and lunch. The starting point of the hike is just above the village of Svetlaya Polyana. The easiest way to get there is to hire a taxi. Because there is no special public transport there. 

Distance: 12 km. 

Difficulty: easy. 

Elevation: +700 m. 

Period: June — October

What you need to prepare:

  • lunch
  • raincoat
  • walking poles
  • hiking boots 

Map of the day hike in Isyk Kul Svetlaya Polyana - Jeti Oguz - Flower Valley.

Jeti Oguz Waterfall

The path is pretty clear. You can walk along the map and you will not get lost. At the pass of Svetlaya Polyana you will see an incredible view of the Valley of Flowers. Also when you descend you can visit a small waterfall. When you get to the road, you can catch transport down to the Jeti Oguz resort. Here you will see Seven Bulls rocks. In summer, there is a minibus to Karakol. If not, there is a taxi. Also, you can stop in our yurt camp overnight. You can also download app. It works without a signal too.

If you are interested in a guided tour, we offer a full package tour Svetlaya Polyana — Jeti Oguz.

Svetlaya Polyana - Jeti Oguz guided day hike in Isyk Kul.



English speaking guide,

Price for 1 day. In Euro - €

2 persons  — 85 € per peson

3 persons — 80 € per person

4 persons — 75 € per person

5 persons — 75 € per person

6-14 person — 75 € per person